History of Quantum Dots

1981: Quantum Dots were discovered by Alexey Ekimov in glass matrix

Alexey I. Ekimov is a Russian solid state physicist who discovered the semiconductor nanocrystals known as quantum dots, while working at the Vavilov State Optical Institute. He was awarded the 1975 USSR State Prize in Science and Engineering for work on electron spin orientation in semiconductors. ((read more))

1985: Quantum Dots were discovered by Louis E. Burs in a colloidal mixture.

Louis E. Brus is the S. L. Mitchell Professor of Chemistry at Columbia University. He is the discoverer of the colloidal semi-conductor nanocrystals known as quantum dots. You can read more about him.
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1988: Mark Reed is credited with coining the term ‘quantum dots’ in a published paper.

2013: First commercial release of a product utilizing quantum dots was the Sony XBR X900A series of flat panel televisions


2013: The Kindle Fire HDX is released containing Quantum Dot technology


2015: Quantum Dots were a featured breakthrough at the Consumer Electronics Show

According to several sources, Quantum dots have been touted to be next breakthrough visual technology to increase LED tv picture quality.