The Company

Founded in 2012 by scientists from the University of Utah, Navillum Nanotechnologies, Inc. is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Navillum manufactures semiconductor nanocrystals, including Quantum Dots (QDs). Navillum produces customizable, commercial-scale, QDs with consistently superior quality; all while creating a unique solution for your company’s display challenges (we love challenges!).

We work with our customers to develop scalable, custom QD and QD Optic solutions that meet your specific needs. Developing your optimal display solution starts with developing a high quality core QD that exceeds your specifications and repeatably hits your target wavelength.  Exacting production built around our proprietary synthesis will ensure that your display optics project begins with the best performing QD product for your specific optics applications.


Then we work to improve photoluminescence performance of Navillum-produced QD cores by adding one or more core shells; producing core/shells that have narrow emission bandwidths of 30 nm FWHM or smaller, and high down-conversion quantum efficiency. Finally, we work to develop a repeatable process by which InP core/shell QDs can be made repeatedly and reliably at a large scale while maintaining quality and with high chemical stability.

Our patent-pending synthesis and inspired approach to problem solving sets us apart from other QD and QD Optic manufacturers. We current work in Cd, Zn, and In based QDs and can help guide you to a specification that optimizes QD and QD Optic performance and yet costs less than most current solutions on the market. Navillum QDs have superior quality and performance characteristics:

  • Narrow size distributions
  • Bright Photoluminescence
  • Tunable photoluminescence peak-center wavelengths at the edge or range
  • Narrow photoluminescence peaks
  • Symmetrical emission peaks with no skew, leptokurtosis i.e., “fat tails”

Navillum is the only manufacturer of QDs that meets all of these criteria.

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