Jacqueline Siy-Ronquillo, PhD
Jacqueline Siy-Ronquillo, PhD Founder, President and CTO
We can thank Dr. Jacqueline Siy-Ronquillo for the innovation of Navillum as she is the CTO/President/Founder. With her extensive background, she has brought us the real life applications of Quantum Dots. Starting with her education, she earned her B.S and M.S at the University of the Philippines and her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Utah. She has worked as a Graduate Research Assistant and Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Utah. Jacqueline won the Dow Chemical Top Outstanding First Year Graduate Student award in 2006, SPIE Educational Scholar in optical science and engineering in 2007 and was the Innovation Idol winner at the NanoUtah conference in 2011. After she has fulfilled a day of innovating the nanotechnology space, she goes home to watch movies with her two boys on her UHD Quantum Dot television.

Favorite Color of Quantum Dot: Blue

Kevin Jessing, MS
Kevin Jessing, MSOperations Manager & Quality Systems
Kevin, being a proud Longhorn, graduated with a B.A and M.A at the University of Texas-Austin. He spent much of his time in Bioanalytical Contract Research and Contract Research Organizations. More recently, he spent 3.5 years with the state of Utah in Technology Commercialization and Economic Development. Kevin is a trained molecular biologist but has a strong intrigue with mass spectrometry and all scientific instrumentation. When he hangs up his lab coat at the end of the day, he is a motorcycle enthusiast while dabbling in major house projects with an interest in economic theory.

Favorite Color of Quantum Dot: Purple (the color of royalty)

Larry Thorne, PhD
Larry Thorne, PhDChief Scientist
30 years at Sandia National Labs
Former Head Sandia Nanoparticles
Lawrence Thorne became Chief Scientist at Navillum Nanotechnologies in 2014. Dr. Thorne did his doctoral work in microwave and infrared spectroscopy at the University of California at Berkeley and completed post-doctoral fellowships in laser spectroscopy and astrochemistry at the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He then spent 30 years as a research scientist and program manager at Sandia National Laboratories. At Sandia, he expanded his spectroscopic work to include gas-phase molecular, LIDAR, gamma-ray and photoluminescence methods in basic research, as well as in projects with both civilian and national-security applications. His last decade at Sandia was dedicated to the development of nanomaterials (quantum dots, nanorods and other plasmonic shapes) for wide-area, remote-sensing purposes. Larry’s interest in science is rivaled only by his passion for fly-fishing.
Xiomei (Amy) Wei, PhD
Xiomei (Amy) Wei, PhDResearch Scientist
Organic Synthetic Chemist
Dr. Wei received her doctorate degree in Organic chemistry from China. She has worked at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a senior research scientist alongside Dr. Brian Murphy, researcher in Dr. Chris Ireland’s lab at the University of Utah, served as an associate researcher and postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Abimael D. Rodriguez’s research group at the University of Puerto Rico. Her research focuses on the discovery, synthesis and structural elucidation of bioactive nature products from a variety of complex sources (plants, animals and bacteria). Dr. Wei holds substantial expertise in organic synthesis, spectroscopic techniques (1D, 2D-NMR, LCMS, MS-MS, , CD, UV, IR, X-ray) and analytical/separation techniques (HPLC, GC, flash column, TLC, paper chromatography). Her patent discovered a new class of anti-tuberculosis compounds, which led to a project for graduate students. She has published many papers, one of which was a featured cover in the Journal of Organic Chemistry in 2012. With more than ten years of lab experience she has mastered hands-on problem solving skills, the ability to work independently and in multi-disciplinary teams, while supervising undergraduate and graduate students.

Favorite color of Quantum Dot: Red

Urice Tohgha, PhD
Urice Tohgha, PhDSynthetic Chemist
Before Dr. Urice Tohgha joined Navillum in January of 2015, he obtained his BSc in Chemistry from Cameroon. He has a background in organic chemistry with PhD work in quantum dot synthesis at the University of Wyoming. Also being a NSF-GK-12 fellow during his PhD. Urice’s greatest achievement was developing a new and simple method to induce new properties on QDs at room temperature, while publishing in prestigious journals. He is also known as an exceptional professor as he has taught undergraduate general and organic chemistry.

Favorite Color of Quantum Dot: Blue

Matthew Hansen
Matthew HansenLab Management & Safety
Matthew Hansen has served as the lab manager for the BioInnovations Gateway, as well as a lab technician with W.L. Gore & Associates, Westminster College, and Dionex. He has experience using and maintaining a wide variety of analytical instruments as well as executing quality management systems. He earned his Bachelors degree in chemistry from Westminster College.

Favorite color of Quantum Dot: 535 nm

Hannah Haack
Hannah HaackMarketing Intern
David Eccles School of Business Student
Growing up in Park City, Utah with both of her parents being serial entrepreneurs, she could feel the entrepreneurial bone in her body. So she set out for a Marketing Degree with several Entrepreneurial achievements at the David Eccles School of Business. Hannah quickly became apart of the founding class of the Entrepreneurship Certificate while becoming the Marketing Director of the program. In January of 2015, a job interview with David Robinson on a ski lift at Park City Mountain Resort led to her Marketing Internship here at Navillum Nanotechnologies. Since then, Hannah’s knowledge of Quantum Dot Optoelectronics has grown rapidly along with her voracious appetite to work with startups in Salt Lake City.

Favorite Color of Quantum Dot: Bright Magenta